Hanako Mori was born in 1994 in Tokyo, Japan. She earned her BA in Art fromTemple University Japan in 2018. Spending her youth both in Tokyo and Los Angeles, she was exposed to different cultures. While Mori is self-taught in sewing and embroidery, she spent her semester in Philadelphia in 2015, studying glass and jewellery making. She utilizes these techniques for her accessory works. Following her first exhibition at the age of 19, Mori has shown in Tokyo, Seoul, and New York.


As “Cornhead875,” known as The Mother of Cornheads, she draws her original character a cone-headed yellow creature called “Cornhead.” The character was born from her subconsciousness, when she was doodling randomly in 2013. She felt something special with the creature and has kept drawing them since then. Cornheads are her alter ego. By drawing them and making goods of Cornheads, she tries to leave her existence in this world. She has created drawings, paintings, accessories, and sculptures of Cornheads.


Her works are the result of her self-discovery process. She mostly works with her memory, which are linked together as a stream of whatever arises from her mind. Putting her memories and her thoughts about the human world, her works are personal history as she interacts with the world around her.







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